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Proven Distributor Education

Let your ambition and achievements earn you Royalty, Bonuses and Free Vacations.
Your only investment is time, because the online training here is ready for you for free!


Herbalife Member and the "Get 5 - 7 Customers" plan*

When you've learned and applied everything on this level you are qualified for 35% wholesale profit and the next step...
i.e. Senior Consultant (SC).


Senior Consultant and the "Up to £700 / month" plan*

When you're logged in and have learned and applied everything on this stage, simply proceed to the next level (QP/42% earnings) with material and training that makes it easier for you to take the next step from there!


Qualified Producer and the "Extra Income Plus" plan*

When you've learned and applied everything on this level, simply click on SV - the 50% earnings level (with the "up to £1,500 / mo plan") - to proceed to the tools and trainings that can help you step-by-step from there to higher levels! See all steps below.

* Remember that the outcome (read your income) is a direct reflection of your input - meaning your investment in time and effort. See disclaimer.
The above examples are for illustrative purposes only, and is not a representation of what your business will look like. Individual results will vary.

"Do you want to earn 25% or 50% profit for your work?"

Here you will find all the secrets that are important for success! Each step will give you the sales tools and knowledge needed to take the 'Next Step' - and they are shown in the drop-down menu when logged in. By following the support structure you will start and build your own business in the best and most efficient way! You can still do it at your own pace!

Register as a Herbalife Member/Distributor here!

You will LVE the P.R.E.S. system

The acronym PRES, is of course hinting at one of the highest achievement levels
in Herbalife… the President’s Team. But, here PRES stands for the four pillars in our support system:
Promote, Recruit, Educate and Support. The purpose of the innovative free online support system is to help you to get to higher achievement levels, at your own pace, step-by-step!

On each level you will get the tools, training and support that will help you to take the next step.
The speed at which you move from one level to the next is up to you and down to the amount of time
and effort spent on your business. Sign up to get started today!

How does it work?

PRES-system is much bigger than just this website - myHERBAsupport.com.
It also comprises other websites, online forums & groups, e-learning, live trainings, qualifications, tutor time, etc.
Our support system adds to Herbalife’s support and is an important success factor for our team. Its structure
can help our team members to reach higher achievements and earning levels!

PRES-system is the support hub

There are several hundreds of Herbalife videos to choose from. How do you know which ones are most important for you to watch at the level you are at? How can you find your way around all of Herbalife’s websites? (There are 10 of them!) What PDF’s and documents are important for you? What events and trainings should you attend?

… that will save you time

We deliver the most important videos and documents to you in the perfect sequence, so you can concentrate on what will build your business and take you to the next level the fastest.

Together with all that; our specially designed templets, effective tools, our team community, video tutorials and webinars will give you an important competitive advantage.

Network Marketing - (NM)

Maybe you’ve tried Direct Sales or Network Marketing before without any success. The reason
for failure could well have been lack of the kind of support needed to reach your goals. It could also have been
that it wasn't ‘the right time’ for you then. The odds will now be in your favour with us!

Market leading products that people
need and want is most important
for success. Tick!
Consumable products in fast growing
industries make it even better. Tick!

Herbalife has the best compensation plan in the industry.With the free use of our support system and online training, your small investment to sign up as a Member can soon pay off big-time!

With our free step-by-step training,
progress tracking and online
customer follow-up; you can
help your whole team to develop
and grow faster.

The power of NM

Earnings are based on products sold by you and your network.

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Meet Lori: Mother and Entrepreneur

Lori decided she wanted to work from home, for her two boys...

Still not a Member?

Make new friends and meet them at live trainings and international events, like Herbalife Vacations!
Be promoted and recognised; Benefit from professional video-tutorials; >100 tools & templates and online marketing material; Qualify for rewards and free vacations; Learn to build an international business; ... and more.
All of this is ready for you!

  • Discover Herbalife – considered by thousands to be the best opportunity for average people. Anyone can do this business irrespective of education, nationality, gender, age or social background.
  • Study the most effective ways and lucrative DMOs (daily methods of operations) for attracting customers, building your business and reaching your goals.
  • Learn to use the tools that you like the most and suit your lifestyle. Apply your knowledge... because knowledge without action isn’t worth so much.
  • Understand the power of Herbalife’s Marketing Plan and why you can benefit greatly from building your own team of Members/Distributors.
  • Master this business and come one step closer to your goals, by fully understanding the 4 ways to earn money with Herbalife (Retail profit, Wholesale profit, Royalty and Bonus) and using our blueprint to build your team. We now have room for new Leaders!

DISCLAIMER: Income depicted is unique to the individual and is not typical. Achievements require skill & consistent work. For typical earnings, see Statement of Average Gross Compensation at Herbalife.com. Please note that this training and any accompanying materials are for information purposes only and are not intended to substitute as business, legal or tax advice. If you need professional advice, we recommend you consult a lawyer, accountant, tax professional or business advisor.

DISCLAIMER: This offer of the Herbalife Business Opportunity is made by Independent Herbalife Member Jan Pethrus, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 3BS or the Independent Herbalife Member in his downline organisation mentioned in the “Request Sign-Up Information” Form response. The provider of the business opportunity is Herbalife (U.K.) Limited, Registered in England No. 3162901 at Registered Office: The Atrium, 1 Harefield Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1HB VAT Registration No: GB669133612, a Member of the Direct Selling Association. Goods sold are nutrition, and personal care products. Transactions are effected by participants as principals. Participants are required to purchase a £42.28 Herbalife Member Pack (HMP). It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.